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Multirama Bulgaria

MULTIRAMA Bulgaria Ltd. started its operations on the Bulgarian market since 2005. Currently, the chain has 79 own and franchised stores covering most major cities in Greece and 9 stores in Bulgaria. Multirama Bulgaria offers its customers the widest variety of established IT products, with products and services from its own brand. Multirama offers unique for the Bulgarian market mix of products and services that generate added value for them.



The project is implemented woth 10+ licenses of the BI solution Qlik and integration with operating ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system, Atlantis, also introduced by Balkan Services. The team of consulting firm has done a number of re-works to Business Intelligence solution that meet the needs of Multirama optimize the performance of employees and better service to customers. One of the advantages of the new system is easier access to end customers to it. This is done through the development of Balkan Services based on Qlik product catalog, which is available in the outlets of the chain. Application facilitates the search of different products and their comparison, according to price or features, but also gives information on the stock of the product.



Subscription commputer support for the complete infrastructure: network connectivity, computer systems, printers (local and network), network devices (switches, routers), servers, etc., thereby ensuring efficiency of the whole system rather than its separate components. Any action on a separate component (computer, printer, server or a switch) is consistent with the system as a homogenous entity.