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Tyrbul JSC Bulgaria

Tyrbul is a trading company working in the industrial processing, manufacturing, buying, trading, import and export in the country and abroad of all kinds of dairy products and cheeses and related preparations and all kinds of foods and food products and carrying out of any internal and foreign trade transactions and consultancy associated with them. The company is on the Bulgarian market since 2002. The enterprise has the technological capacity and permit for processing 300 tons of milk a day.



Atlantis ERP serves the overall commercial, financial, accounting, manufacturing and accounting activities of the company. The realized vertical solution for the dairy industry includes monitoring of sanitary hygiene product multiphase production, technology and manufacturing control, precise calculation and accounting of the production cost (cost elements). The successful integration of Atlantis ERP with the specialized application for managing the process of gathering the milk leads to centralized information in a single system by МСП, input / output control, criteria for the collection, acceptance and purchase of milk, payments to the suppliers, upgrading and optimization of the process in the activity of the company.